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About Us

Precision Diabetes, Inc. (Raleigh, North Carolina) is an emerging leader in enabling precision medicine for diabetes through the use of novel diabetes biomarkers and algorithms. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the diagnostic assessment of diabetes by providing a spectrum of unique diabetes tests, spanning the risk of developing diabetes to developing diabetes complications. Precision Diabetes product portfolio includes several novel diabetes biomarkers and is the exclusive supplier of the GlycoMark test in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the Asia-Pacific Region, the Middle East, and Mexico. Precision Diabetes also has a partnership with Patia Europe to distribute a new type 2 diabetes genetic test, DIABETESpredict, and a genetic test for gestational diabetes, Matergen, in the United States.

Our Technology

PDI utilizes precision diagnostic technologies, including multi-omics, proprietary algorithms , and artificial intelligence to deliver tests for prevention, early detection, management, and personalized treatment of diabetes, prediabetes, and associated-comorbidities.

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