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An FDA-cleared and CE-Marked blood test specific to detecting recent hyperglycemia, glycemic variability, and pancreatic beta-cell mass

"New Study Shows GlycoMark® Test Identifies Prediabetic Individuals with the Highest Risk of Developing Diabetes Before Symptoms Develop"

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This is a non-coverage policy for the GlycoMark® assay. The assay is not considered reasonable and necessary for the management of diabetes or the prevention of diabetic complications and is NOT COVERED by Medicare.

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About GlycoMark®

  • An FDA-cleared blood test specific to detecting recent hyperglycemia and hyperglycemic excursions (occurring in the fasting state, postprandial, or both).

  • Reveals recent trends toward or away from A1C goals, suggesting improving or worsening control.

  • Is Independently associated with increased rates of diabetes complications.

  • When used with A1C, provides a more complete assessment of glycemic control to identify patients that may benefit from closer diabetes management.

  • New studies show GlycoMark is a biomarker of functional pancreatic beta-cell mass in patients at risk for diabetes. 

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